What we do

The name says it all: the Sprint Caterer provides Design Sprints for companies and institutions that want to innovate efficiently, solve big problems and test new ideas.

Whether you need a Design Sprint Facilitator, find a suitable location or want to strengthen your Sprint team with a UX / UI specialist or strategist, the Sprint Caterer takes care of every aspect for you to smoothly run a Design Sprint.

The Design Sprint Facilitator

Another name for Design Sprint Facilitator is Sprint Master and this individual is our starting point for every Design Sprint. He or she monitors the process and guides the team through the sessions. It is very important to us to find the right Design Sprint Facilitator for your organization. The facilitator ensures that relevant components are addressed, unnecessary discussions are avoided and that the problem that needs to be solved remains the main focus. Both the quality and the duration of the Design Sprint can be monitored in an optimized manner. The Facilitator also has an important role in the preparation phase.

What else you need

Once we have found the right Sprint Facilitator for you, we will assess other necessities together. What can your organization contribute from within and what do we need to acquire elsewhere? For example, are we doing the Design Sprint at your own office, or is it preferable to step out of the familiar environment and go to an external location?

UX / UI Specialist and Strategist

Besides defining the right location, it is important to consider a UX / UI specialist and strategist. This could be arranged in-house, but experience has taught us that sometimes it is more effective to choose an independent party. The presence of an unfamiliar UX / UI specialist and strategist often ensures the willingness of a team to take that extra step outside of their comfort zone. In addition, you can use extra external knowledge and look at the problem from a different angle which can be very refreshing. This benefits the end result in various ways.

Let us know what we can do for you!